• School Mission

        • School Motto: VIRTU ET LABORE

          It signifies that enlightenment, education and aesthetics are cultivated through exercise and work.

          Our Mission Statement

          Gandhi Memorial International School Semarang , a dynamic learning community, propagates lifelong learning and responsible citizenship through a challenging, multidisciplinary, internationally transferable curriculum fulfilling the diverse needs of students. The school provides an atmosphere where diversity is considered strength and where differences are seen as assets. We believe that students must value and respect the culture and traditions of our host country, Indonesia.

          The school aims to develop self-confidence in each student; to teach adaptability and problem solving skills to face changes which are vital elements of emerging globalism and to develop good personal traits which include a strong ethic, self-discipline, sportsmanship and positive self-esteem.

          There is an emphasis on high academic standards. Although English is the principal medium of instruction, Bahasa Indonesia, Mandarin, Hindi and Jawa studies are part of the curriculum. The school encourages students to learn their mother tongue along with English.

          The school also encourages students through various programs, to develop respect and empathy for fellow human beings and their rights, regardless of race, creed or gender.

          The school has a firm belief in the Gandhian philosophy :

          “By education I mean drawing out the best in body, mind and soul”.

        • PreSchool
        • Nursery-KG-Preparatory (3 to 6 years)

        • Primary School
        • For Ages 6 to 11

        • Senior School
        • Ages 12 and above

    • Contacts

      • GMIS Semarang
      • headmaster@gmissemarang.org
      • info@gmissemarang.org
      • +(24)76424566
      • Jl Bukit Panorama , Graha Candi Golf 50274 Semarang Indonesia
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