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          GMIS Semarang is a part of Gandhi group of international schools, operating successfully at Jakarta and Bali. The school provides an atmosphere where diversity is considered strength and where differences are seen as assets. The school aims to develop self-confidence in each student; to teach adaptability and problem solving skills to face changes which are vital elements of emerging globalism.

          English is the principal medium of instruction in school and Bahasa Indonesia, Mandarin, Hindi and Jawa studies are part of the language curriculum. The school encourages students to learn their mother tongue along with English. The school also encourages students through various programs, to develop respect and empathy for fellow human beings, regardless of race, creed or gender.

          We have learners from twelve nationalities and conduct classes from Preschool (Ages 3 and above) to Senior School (AS/A Levels). We are committed to providing high quality education and lifelong learning opportunities to the Community. We offer quality education at affordable fees through our qualified, caring and experienced faculty.

          GMIS Semarang is accredited from the following International bodies for various curriculums:

          ●       Cambridge Primary and Lower Secondary, University of Cambridge, UK

          ●       International GCSE, Oxford / AQA, UK

          ●       AS and A Levels, Oxford / AQA, UK

      • Admission Procedure

            • Interview



              Find suitable time for your child to have a conversation with the School Principal. If needed, also do the admission test to access the level of understanding in English and Maths.

              The School needs to be aware of any known disability or special educational needs which may affect a child’s ability to participate in the admissions procedure and take full advantage of the education provided at the School.

            • Admission Offer

              Admission Offer

              School determines placement of the applicant in the grade level. We welcome children from different ethnic and racial groups, backgrounds.

              School will prepare a fee agreement in consultation with the parents. Parents will be requested to transfer the school fee.

            • Orientation


              School will organise orientation session to introduce school systems, faculty, curriculum etc. with the student and parent.

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