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            • Cambridge Lower Secondary Checkpoint - May 2023

            • We are very proud of our students for their excellent performance in this year Checkpoint exams conducted by Cambridge International. Subject averages in many subjects are much higher than the international averages. This has been made possible by our supportive parents and committed faculty with their experience, love and care in making students exceed their expectations.

              Well done students! Keep up the good work!

              Congratulations to GMIS family.

            • Cambridge Primary Checkpoint - May 2023

            • We are very proud of our students for their excellent performance in this year Checkpoint exams conducted by Cambridge International. Subject averages in many subjects are much higher than the international averages. This has been made possible by our supportive parents and committed faculty with their experience, love and care in making students exceed their expectations.

              Well done students! Keep up the good work!

              Congratulations to GMIS family.

            • Coding Challenge for Middle & Senior Level

            • In today's increasingly digital world, computer science and programming knowledge is becoming essential for students to succeed academically and professionally. A new coding challenge has been announced for Middle and Senior students to inspire the next generation of coders.

              The coding challenge is to encourage creativity and problem-solving skills. Participants should submit their coding projects and present them in the auditorium and their projects will be evaluated based on their accuracy, efficiency, and creativity.

            • Piala Walikota Semarang & Open House

            • 12th February 2023 @ GMIS Campus

              Our best wishes with all the GMIS students participating in the event. School is organising Open House for perspective parents , where new admissions will be ofered a discount of 50% * in school fee for academic year 2023-24.

            • OPEN HOUSE @ GMIS

            • Dear Parents , 

              Please help us to spread the message to all your friends who might be seeking admissions to GMIS in Academic Year 2023-24. Management has kindly agreed to offer Early Bird Offers and Discounts.


              Thank you for your consideration.

            • Graduation Day

            • Congratulations to Grade 5 and Preparatory Class of 2022.

              GMIS is ready to welcome the Parents and Graduating students.

          • In Campus learning - Update II - 07 August 2021
            • In Campus learning - Update II - 07 August 2021

            •                                                                                                                                                            07 August 2021

              Dear Parents,

              Regarding :  GMIS In-Campus classes update-II.

              Greetings from GMIS Semarang.

              We sincerely hope that you are keeping well in these Corona times and taking good care of all nears and dears. The Covid-19 Task Force said that in Indonesia, numbers of weekly active cases are dropping consistently since beginning of August. Currently until 9th August, Level 4 risk alert applies across Java and Bali including Semarang city.

              To start classes at school campus, we need to reach at PPKM Level 2, when there will be no confirmed cases for at least two weeks, as per the recent communication.  In view of this, the in-campus classes for all students are further postponed to 20th August 2021. We hope the situation to improve in the days to come before inviting all teachers & students to school for face to face classes.

              We thank you for your continued patience and support during these unprecedented times. We shall be sharing any updated information, as we receive it.


              Suresh Arora




              cc : All Teachers & Staff

            • Updates on face to face classes at school

            •                                                                                                                                                                6th July 2021

              Dear Parents,

              Regarding: Postponment of  In-Campus classes to August 9th 2021.

              Greetings from GMIS Semarang.

              The Covid19 impact on our communities and school is changing by the day. We are continuing with our preparations for opening the school for face to face classes. After submitting all the papers needed to the relevant authorities, they plan to visit our school this week, to further guide us about safety of students and teachers , while in campus. In view of the Emergency PPKM measures released on 01st July, we need to work on our action plans and response, accordingly.

              In order to wait for Covid-19 to subside, the in-campus classes, which were originally scheduled for Thursday, July 15th 2021, are being moved to Monday, August 9th 2021. This way we can ensure that our students, teachers and staff are safe.

              We have arranged orientation sessions, to inform parents and students more about the start of the next academic year, as per the schedule below.

              Day/Date                                        Time                           Parents and Students of

              Monday, 12 July 2021             13.30 – 14.30                                   Preschool

              Tuesday, 13 July 2021            09.00 – 10:00                               Grades 1 ,2 & 3

              Tuesday, 13 July 2021            13.30 – 14.30                                 Grades 4 & 5

              Wednesday, 14 July 2021       09.00 – 10:00                                Grades 6,7 & 8

              Wednesday, 14 July 2021       13.30 – 14.30                                Grades 9 to 12

              All these sessions will be held virtually, through school’s official zoom account. The details of the zoom meetings will be sent to you through EduPage and official WhatsApp number of school.

              As the start of the new academic year is fast approaching, all teachers have started preparing the lesson plans and subject related information on EduPage, our cloud based School Information System. School will start functioning virtually from 15th July 2021 for all students as per the schedule. Class teacher will be in contact with the students with more details. As earlier, all virtual classes will be integrated with EduPage, so as to allow our students to join them with ease.

              To repeat, students should not report to school on Thursday, July 15th 2021, as per the changing scenario. 

              Once again, we thank you for your continued patience during these unprecedented times. Further information will be shared with all, as we receive it.

              Suresh Arora



            • GMISS/PO/AD/3JUL21/PPKM/347

               3rd July 2021


              The Indonesian government has imposed Emergency PPKM measures as COVID-19 cases have spiked significantly. Keeping in view of these directions, GMIS Semarang will implement the following:


              1. School campus will be closed for visitors from 3rd to 11th July 2021 and there won’t be any activities in our offices.

              2. Principal’s Office / Admissions Office / Accounts Office will continue our services on line. 

              Principal’s Office / Admissions Office: Contact Person: Ms. Nita (WA: 0811-2880-889 / Email: headmaster@gmissemarang.org)

              Accounts Office: Contact Person: Ms. Niken (WA: 0856-0006-4576 / Email: financeniken@gmail.com)

              Security/ Cleaning In charge: Mr. Tian (WA: 0857-4295-8259)

              3. Cleaning team will continue doing regular cleaning with daily disinfection at staggered timings to maintain cleanliness and hygiene of the campus.

              4. Security department will stand by 24 hours in the campus on a strict rotation duty.


              Offices will resume their limited operational service in school from Monday, 12th July 2021 on a rotation schedule with very limited staff and at staggered timings.

              Visitors will be allowed to enter the campus on the following conditions:

              •            Must have prior confirmed appointment.

              •            Able to show his/her report of vaccination  / antigen swab test not more than 24 hours before the visiting date.

              •            Wear double masks / may put on additional face shield.

              •            Body temperature check showing below 37ºC, No coughing.

              Thank you for your cooperation and stay safe.



              Suresh Arora,



              cc : GMIS faculty and Staff.

            • End of Term Letter

            •                                                                                                                                        11th June 2021

              Dear Parents,

              Greetings from GMIS Semarang.

              We sincerely hope that you are coping well with these corona times and not letting your guard down in dealing with the pandemic. There is hope in the form of vaccines and the process has started but may take time before we are able to live as we were before the pandemic. During the drive by the government to inoculate all teachers over the last two months, most of our teachers and staff have already received both Covid-19 jabs.

              Pandemic Update

              The local government authorities have prepared extensive plan to open the school from July 2021 and we have submitted all the necessary documents required for their information, approval and further guidance. All the protocols and SOP’s as advised by the authorities and WHO website are in place in school and we are constantly working to improve upon them. We are ready as a school for face-to-face teaching on campus. The details of school timings and class timetable is being dispatched along with the report card of your child. Following table shows the days your child will be having In-campus classes.


              In Campus Class Days

              Nur , KG & PREP - Wednesday & Friday

              Grade 1 , Grade 2 & Grade 3 - Wednesday & Friday

              Grade 4 & Grade 5 - Tuesday & Thursday

              Grade 6 , Grade 7 & Grade 8 - Tuesday & Thursday

              Grade 9 - Grade 12 - Monday , Wednesday & Friday

              We will keep you updated regarding the developments to face-to-face teaching at the school campus. In the meantime we are constantly working to make online classes more useful, effective and fun for our students.

              School Events

              All events for the year 2020-21 were organized, both in school and virtually, so that student learning was not affected. I was also witness to many of these virtual events such as the ICT exhibition, Debates, Story Telling , News Casting , Spelling Bee, ICT competition, Chinese New Year and so on and I am very happy to share with you that I saw the kids relaxed and enjoying these virtual events. In fact, we were surprised to see how our kids have adapted to the new way of learning which has become the new normal as well.

              We are very happy to inform you that all our students have passed the Matriculation and Higher Secondary examinations conducted by BSEISI, held during April 2021. Congratulations to all concerned parents, students and teachers for achieving success in the examinations. With your cooperation, we conducted the Graduation Ceremonies for Grade Prep, Grade 5, and Grade 10 & Grade 12 in the school campus.

              Final Term Exams

              Thank you parents for your support and cooperation in the smooth conduct of final term exams. The marked exam papers along with the grades of different assessments are available for online viewing by parents and students, on our secure Cloud Based School Information System EduPage at www.appgmis.com.  

              Important Dates

              Dispatch of Report cards                              : 11th June.

              End of year Holidays                                      : 14th June to 14th July

              School Reopens - for teachers                    : 12th July 2021

              Whole School Orientations                          : 12, 13 & 14 July 2021

              The next school academic year 2021-22 for students will start on 15th July, 2021.

              Text Books & School Uniform

              Most of the text books for Academic year 2021-22 have been already received by the school from Singapore. We will keep you updated about when the books will be available for collection by students, as a few titles from the UK are still awaited. Student uniforms are ready in school.

              The admissions for the next school year are open and in case any of your friends / relatives are interested in admitting their kids to GMIS, please ask them to contact us. School will remain open during holidays from 9 am to 1 pm.

              We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our parents for helping us during these difficult times.

              Thanking you for your support as always.

              With best regards.


              Suresh Arora

            • In Campus Learning Schedule


                                                                                                                                                      04th June 2021

              Dear Parents,

              Greetings from GMIS Semarang.

              I hope you all are well as we continue to face circumstances that have challenged everyone around us. As GMIS family, we have come together throughout the academic year 2020-21 and persevered through difficult times.

              School has decided to go ahead with Blended / Hybrid learning as the method to teach our children from July, when the new school year starts. Blended learning combines the two teaching environments—traditional face-to-face classroom teaching and technology based online learning. Using this method of learning, we can engage students who learn better in a face-to-face interaction with a teacher, and also those who learn better with technology based learning.

              In consultation with the relevant stakeholders, a tentative schedule has been worked out which will be effective for July and August 2021 on trial basis. Students will be having a mix of online, as well as offline classes throughout the week. A glimpse of planned school (Tentative) timings for face to face classes is as follows:

              School is ready to open for in-campus classes with all prevailing health protocols in place which are constantly being upgraded as per the guidance from relevant authorities. Most of our school faculty and staff have already been vaccinated against coronavirus.

              The detailed class time table will be shared with you by the supervisors before the holidays, through EduPage.

              We will be contacting all parents in the beginning of July 2021, for your approval to permit your children to attend in-campus classes. In case you are not comfortable in sending your children to school, we have made arrangements to stream live, the in campus class online too, so as not to disadvantage any student. If everything works well, we will be starting regular full day school from September onwards.

              We will see the effectiveness of this schedule for a couple of weeks and if needed, will be adjusting / extending the number of classes being held at campus for all grades.

              Any feedback / suggestions in this regard are welcome.

              Thank you once again for your support as always.

              With best regards.


              Suresh Arora


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