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          • In Campus learning - Update II - 07 August 2021
            • In Campus learning - Update II - 07 August 2021

            •                                                                                                                                                            07 August 2021

              Dear Parents,

              Regarding :  GMIS In-Campus classes update-II.

              Greetings from GMIS Semarang.

              We sincerely hope that you are keeping well in these Corona times and taking good care of all nears and dears. The Covid-19 Task Force said that in Indonesia, numbers of weekly active cases are dropping consistently since beginning of August. Currently until 9th August, Level 4 risk alert applies across Java and Bali including Semarang city.

              To start classes at school campus, we need to reach at PPKM Level 2, when there will be no confirmed cases for at least two weeks, as per the recent communication.  In view of this, the in-campus classes for all students are further postponed to 20th August 2021. We hope the situation to improve in the days to come before inviting all teachers & students to school for face to face classes.

              We thank you for your continued patience and support during these unprecedented times. We shall be sharing any updated information, as we receive it.


              Suresh Arora




              cc : All Teachers & Staff

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