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            • Postponement of In-Campus Classes

            • 04th January 2021


              Dear GMIS Family,


              As per the latest communication from Ministry of Education, in view of the Corona spread and scare, face to face learning at school campus is postponed. The review of the situation will be carried out later this month and fresh guidelines will be issued. We will be in touch with you about the latest developments in this regard.

              School will be opening for all students as per the schedule on 13th January 2021 for virtual / distance learning. We are constantly working on further improving the on line learning with more creativity and innovation. We need to make the learning process more challenging and fun for our students.

              We also would like to wish all the best to our A level students for their international exams starting today.

              Stay healthy and safe.

              Thanking you for your cooperation and understanding.

              With best regards.


              Suresh Arora


          • End of Term Letter
            • End of Term Letter

            • 28th November 2020

              Dear Parents,

              Greetings from GMIS Semarang.

              We sincerely hope that you and your family are doing well and finding resilience amidst growing challenges in these times of health emergency.

              The term is coming to end and what a term it was!  Every month we thought we were going to start school for face to face learning, but the pandemic scare forced us to resort to teaching virtually. Yet in the words of an unknown author, "If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you."  We conducted all classes online and we know that this was not possible without the help and cooperation of parents.

              First Term Exams

              From next week, the first term examinations are going to be conducted using EduPage, our cloud-based school information system .Teachers have already shared the syllabus to be covered as well as the format of the exam with the students and the parents.  We have added an Academic Honesty Declaration in every exam (Grade 3 onwards) and the students are expected to confirm that the work they are submitting is their own and that they have not taken any help from somewhere else. This is going to help our students to take ownership of their learning and will make them better global citizens in times to come. We wish everyone all the best in these exams.

              No need to worry, in case there is a technical issue like internet connectivity, device problem etc. and the child is not able to do the exam at the stipulated time. Please contact the Class Teacher / Supervisor with a written request immediately and reschedule the exam at a different time. Parents and children can review their answer scripts on EduPage platform, once the grades are published on 8th December.

              Report cards, reflecting the progress of your child during the term, will be dispatched on 10th of December.  Along with the academic performance, do check their additional attributes during times of corona like their behavior, work habits, communication skills etc. It also includes subject teacher comments to help students improve even further.

              Activities & Achievements

              Because of school closure, we conducted all activities planned for this term either virtually or during the online classes. All students participated with enthusiasm in these activities like Storytelling, Literacy Day Competition, Science Competition, Debates etc. Although it would have been the best if they were actually present in the school. We thank you once again for having supported us in all of our activities which we have conducted during this term. The printed achievement certificates will be sent to all winners along with the report card.

              Creative and interesting holiday homework will be sent along with the report card. All children are advised to ask their teachers for help, in case of any difficulty / clarifications with the tasks therein.

              During this term many of our students participated in international events / activities like Young Global Scholars ,content writers for the competitions like UNSW and winning appreciations, scoring highest marks in the scholarship tests etc. Throughout this term many of our faculty members attended webinars and online workshops conducted by our accreditation partners Cambridge and Oxford to strengthen our learning. Many of our teachers were also invited to attend the workshops / learning sessions conducted by the Ministry of Education.

              School Reopening

              School is planned to reopen in the month of January 2021 as per the government guidelines we have received. We are in the process of submitting a proposal for conducting face to face classes. They will assess our proposal and visit the campus to make sure that all health protocol requirements are met. Once we get the go ahead, we will be in touch with you with all necessary information and about your consent for sending the kids to the school.

              In any case , school will be reopening on 11th of January for teachers and lessons will resume from 13th of January for the students .During these holidays the school will remain open on all working days from 9 am to 1 pm .If you need to speak to us,  you're welcome to make an appointment to see us or drop us an email at headmaster@gmissemarang.org. The school Chairman has kindly agreed to offer a flat 25 % discount on school fees for the next academic year (2021 - 22) for new admissions. If any of your family and friends are interested in admitting their kids in our school or want to learn more about the school and curriculums offered, we would love to meet them. You may contact us at following numbers:

              Ms Nita(Admissions) :08112880889                Ms Niken (Finance)085600064576              

              We will be  conducting  extra classes especially for grade 10 and 12 during these holidays ,  as they are going to appear  for Board Exams in March 2021 .The timetable for these lessons and other details will be shared with you in the near future.

              In the words of Dr. Seuss - "Children want the same things we want. To laugh, to be challenged, to be entertained, and delighted." Stay healthy and keep the kids engaged in learning activities at home during these holidays.

              On behalf of the whole school community, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year 2021.

              with best regards.


              Suresh Arora

              For GMIS Semarang

            • New School Year 2020-21

            • New Normal - Virtiual Class rooms.

              02 July 2020

              Dear Parents ,


              Greetings form GMIS Semarang.


              First and foremost , I hope you and your family are safe and healthy. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding as we have been adjusting, like you, to the changes in life during the past three months. I am extremely appreciative of our students, parents, teachers, staff and supervisors for their positivity, flexibility and resilience during these trying times.

              In the present times of Coronavirus , the African Quote It takes the entire village to teach a child becomes even more meaningful, as the Schools , Teachers , Parents and all stakeholders to work together to help the child continue learning through these difficult times. As we are in phase of ‘Making Peace with Covid 19, starting new school year is a challenge , which we have accepted as we know that parents are always willing to lend a helping hand.

              New School Year

              School new Academic year is planned to start from 6th July for teachers and 8th July for students. As per the advice from the relevant authorities , it is not the right time to open school for face to face learning as it used to be before pandemic. With the guidance from GMIS schools in Jakarta and Bali , we have decided to start the school virtually from 8th July , with regular online classes . The time table is prepared and shared with all students and parents through EduPage App. In case of any difficulty during online class , students may be allowed to come to school ( one to one basis ) for any help from subject teacher, with prior appointment. We will be further streamlining these online classes , after receiving parent’s feedback . Our goal is to eliminate as much stress as possible for students, parents and teachers.

              Uniform & Text Books

              School text books have been ordered and are expected in school before 10th July , except for few titles from UK , which as informed to us by Oxford University Press , may be delayed till next month. Student Uniforms are also available in School Campus. Text book list has been already shared with you by class teachers. We will be inviting you to pick the uniform and the text books from school , after 10th of July.

              Face to face orientations

              This month from 27th to 30th  July, we have planned to organize face to face orientation sessions, in school for students and parents. They will be conducted in small groups , keeping and following the prevailing protocols because of Covid 19. The detail schedule  will be shared with you  by the class teacher.

              We have been working throughout this period and preparing everything for the new academic year, and are just waiting for government instructions to reopen. In case of any further information / discussions needed , you are welcome to speak to us at school.


              We thank you for showing faith in GMIS Semarang.

              Stay healthy . Stay Strong .



              Suresh Arora

              For GMIS Semarang.

            • Online Exam Circular

            • 02nd May 2020

              Dear Parents ,

              Greetings from GMIS Semarang.


              School is not able to function normally because of widespread fear of Covid 19  since 16th March as per the guidelines issued by the various government authorities . All teachers were able to engage the students through various tasks , assignments and online classes throughout this period of  force majeure. Because of this unprecedented situation faced by all schools in the region , we are forced to modify the School Academic Calendar in consultation with other Gandhi group of schools in Indonesia. Following are the important revised dates


                   1. The exams for all students will be conducted using EduPage , the school information system we are using. Before the exams , all students will be given a practice test to understand how this new system of exams will be working. We will also be sharing with you a small video to help you to understand the process. All exams will be consisting of questions which are easy for the kids to attempt electronically like Multiple Choice questions , Fill in the blanks , Matching/Sorting columns type questions etc. Each paper will be conducted during the time window mentioned in the time table which is being shared with you through class teacher.

                  Activity                                                                             Schedule

              Final Term Exams                                                               - 8th May to 15th May 2020

              Report Card distribution – Pre School                                 - 15th May 2020

              Results and report card distribution- Grade 1 to Grade 11 - 19th and 20th May 2020

              School Holidays for Students                                              - 21st May to 7th July 2020

              Students report for Next Academic Year                             - 08th July 2020 at 07:00 am


              If some children are unable to do the test , because of some technical reasons ,  a modified window will be provided by respective subject teachers.

                    2. Admit cards will be released electronically to all students before the exams.  In case your child fees are still pending , you are requested to kindly settle it before the exams. The printed report cards will be issued to all students after all tests are finished on 19th and 20th May 2020 , either through personal collection from school or through post.

                   3. We sincerely hope that all we have planned will proceed smoothly. In case there are unforeseen circumstances because of government guidelines and instructions , we will be in touch with you with appropriate information.

              We would like to take this opportunity once again to thank all the parents for being most supportive with the school during these times. We are preparing guidelines to be implemented in school campus to make sure that the safety and health of students under our care is given utmost importance. We will seek your help in implementing and following new procedures in place once school reopens for normal functioning. If you have any suggestions in this regard , you are most welcome to forward us for consideration.



              With kind regards.


              Suresh Arora


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